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Domain  Name Information

Australia - .AU

Australia has five open .au Second Level Domains (2LDs) e.g.,, that are open for registration. Others such as and exist but these are are only open to that institution type.

The following Australian domains are available for registration , Local presence requirements exist such as a company or business name, Trademark holders may apply.


COM.AU For commercial purposes. Includes commercial entities, currently registered and trading in Australia, as well as commercial products and services.
NET.AU For commercial purposes. Includes commercial entities, currently registered and trading in Australia, as well as commercial products and services. Almost all of the domains in this domain type tend to be net/communications related.
ORG.AU For non-commercial purposes. Includes not-for-proft organisations, charities, churches, welfare groups etc.
ASN.AU For 'associations'. Includes associations incorporated under specific state legislation, some incorporated bodies, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs and 'partnerships' between disparate organisations.
ID.AU For individuals who are Australian citizens or residents.

Last year the Australian policies associated with registering a .au domain were relaxed.  This has allowed organisations to register domains relating to the services they now provide. Prior additional business names would need to be applied for.

As the .au policy still can be confusing, should you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

To register your Australian domain name click here

The following documents contain specific information relating to the .au requirements. 

  • Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for Open 2LDs

Text Version
PDF Version

  • Registrant Agreement

Text Version
HTML Version

  • Transfers (Change of Registrant) Policy  

Text Version
PDF Version

  • AUDRP Australian Dispute Resolution Policy

Text Version
PDF Version

Domain Password Recovery - All Australian Domain names have a domain name password, this can be retrieved automatically but it will only go the email address on the public WHOIS record, To retrieve your key automatically click here, otherwise please fax us on 61 3 9783 6844 on a signed company letterhead from an authorised person within your organisation, we will require your updated contact details and a reason why the email address is invalid/


    New Zealand - .NZ

New Zealand has five open .au Second Level Domains (2LDs) such as,, that are open for registration.

New Zealand domains are UNRESTRICTED,  any individuals or organisations can register globally. The following second level .NZ domains are available for registration through Domain Directors.

CO.NZ Organisations pursuing commercial aims and purposes
NET.NZ Organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ Internet
ORG.NZ Not-for-profit organizations
GEN.NZ Individuals and other organisations not covered elsewhere
MAORI.NZ Maori people, groups and organisations


Billing Cycles - New Zealand domains can have up to a maximum of 10 years of registration. Renewals are due when the domain expires based on the number of years of registration. Only recently has the 1 year restriction been lifted allowing registrants globally to register or renew for greater.

- New Zealand Domains are renewed based on the above billing cycle at our normal domain registration prices. New Zealand Domains can now be renewed up to a maximum of 10 years.   click here for pricing

- Transfers are FREE for all New Zealand domain name holders wishing to transfer to Domain Directors. When your domain is transferred the Billing Cycle you are currently on is unchanged. 

If you are reading this page and have come from The .NZ Domain Name  Commissioner's (DNC) , please feel free to contact us to discuss how our services can help your business. We are currently have a special transfer package New Zealand Registrants

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Domain Password (UDAI) -
All New Zealand domains now have a unique password of letters and numbers. This password called a UDAI is required to make changes to the domain name and transfer the domain name. Should any .nz registrant of Domain Directors be unable to find the UDAI or feel your security may of been compromised, then we can generate a new UDAI for you and email it. This will by default go to admin contact listed in the .nz registry. Should the email address be incorrect that is in the WHOIS, then we will require a fax on a signed company letterhead from an authorised person within your organisation

NZ Registrant Agreement
The following agreements are applicable to registrants registering a .nz domain through Domain Directors Pty Ltd Domain Registration (applies to all .nz domain name) registrations.

Please also be aware of our general terms and conditions and other policies which can found below under "Other Documents". You are legally bound to these documents when you renew, transfer or register your .nz New Zealand through domain directors.

  • NZ Registrant Agreement

HTML Version
Text Version



Other Documents

  • Complaints Handling Policy

HTML Version

  • Terms and Conditions

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  • Privacy Policy

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